The MIS for Specialist Schools / Colleges

Originally developed in a Specialist College to monitor and record non-accredited skills, Databridge delivers functionality designed specifically for the Specialist sector.


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RARPA Targets

Individualised Targets and Objectives for Learners to focus on individual needs and aspirations.


Record achievements and observations, with ability to attach images, documents and video for evidence.

Event Log

Customisable Event Log with additional security for recording Safeguarding, Accident, Incident and other types of Events.


Initial Assessments, Baseline Assessments, Reviews of Progress and Risk Assessments available.


Including Symbol based timetables, Schemes of Work, attendance tracking and true session times.


Detailed Care/Support Plans, Medication and Residence Manager assist with independent needs and residential settings.

ILR Manager

Add Qualifications, results and create ILR file for submission.

School Census

For Schools, additional option available to create School Census file for submission.

Learner/Parent Portal

Both Learner and Parent portals available, included with Databridge.

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

You can use Databridge on any internet ready device such as a Smartphone or tablet. There are no specific OS requirements.

  • Accessible from anywhere - useful for off-site requirements
  • No program installation necessary
  • UI adapts according to device

Used by Specialist Schools and Colleges

Our customers have been working with Databridge for more than 15 years.

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